Principal's Corner

Lucas Blackburn

Dear Parents and Guardians:

There is no doubt we are going to have a phenomenal year! With the combination of new staff and returning staff, Patterson has grown even stronger as an educational institution while keeping the tradition of excellence and our community atmosphere that has been cultivated over almost 40 years.

For safety and security of all students, there are a few reminders that I need to pass along. These procedures and protocols are important to the well being of our students and the consistency of our school day:

  • Students are able to be on campus no earlier than 8:10am. Our staff is expected to be on duty at 8:10am, thus ensuring supervision for our students.
  • Additionally, we will also need families and students to be out of the courtyard no later than 3:45pm. Our teachers are off duty and need to finish up the day. Until 3:45pm, please make sure your students understand and obey the procedures and rules that we have in place. This will also be good practice and a great role model for our future Panthers, as well.
  • Lastly, the parking lot at Patterson is closed from 8:00 - 8:45am before school and 3:00-3:45pm after school. Parents can pick up and drop off to the east of Patterson at our neighbor Wonderful Mercy, and to the west at Freestone Rec Center. We are very grateful to our neighbors for allowing this to happen and we would appreciate your assistance in keeping their property safe and clean.

At Patterson we value every minute we have your students. To emphasize this point and to maximize the amount of learning that happens, we will be limiting the amount of interruptions into the classroom.  Student items dropped off will be left at the office and teachers will be emailed to have someone pick these items up. Additionally, tardy students will be expected to walk to their classroom by themselves, without a parent escort. Phone calls into the classroom will be limited to emergency only.  It is imperative that we limit interruptions to allow our teachers to do what they do best - Teach!

We appreciate your assistance and attention to these matters. It is a great feeling to work in a community that puts a priority on education. I feel this is our most important job as educators. However, we cannot do this without you. As always, we want to keep the lines of communication open. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact us at Patterson Elementary at (480) 892 2803. We are so excited to start this wonderful school year! Your children are why we are here and why this school is such a great place to be!

Lucas Blackburn, Principal

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